Code of ethics


Ethika directs its fundraising activities according to the interests and objectives of the institutions that have mandated it.


Ethika undertakes to keep all information from its customers confidential.


In order not to create any conflict of interest, Ethika only accepts mandates from institutions with different causes.


Ethika's fees are not based on a commission or a pourcentage of the funds raised, but come from the operating budget of the institutions that have mandated it. This is to ensure that all the contributions collected are allocated to their activities and projects.

energy, renewable energy, solar energy


Ethika does not make any contact with potential donors without first informing the client.


Fundraising operations are organised and carried out with respect for the donors. Ethika undertakes not to divulge any information concerning them and to keep their data confidential.


Ethika undertakes not to use degrading images in its activities that could harm the victims or dishonour the human being.